Burt’s custom slipcases are promotional winners that instantly increase the perceived value of their contents. The structural options are vast: we can make DVD packaging look like a set of books, a box set of CDs unfold into an accordion, or a windowed slipcase become a high-tech spy case.

We make rigid slipcases for many uses, including:

  • Box Sets
  • Book Series
  • CD and DVD sleeves
  • Magazine Collections
  • Gaming
  • Multi-media Displays

Custom slipcases are an ideal, graphics-ready brand platform. Magnetic closures, thumbholes, projection edges, drawers, inserts, and padding are just a few of the features that can be added to a slipcase to tell your story.

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Rigid slipcases aren’t just for packaging CDs, books and other media. They’re also a great alternative to standard two-piece fragrance gift sets, make stand-out stationary boxes, and “wow” with a window as luxury toy packaging.

Burt uses special equipment to create show-stopping slipcases with efficiency and precision. In-house leaf stamping and embossing offer more ways for your custom slipcase to make an impression.